It is extremely crucial to ensure that you screen your tenants and pay attention to red flags early on. When you are able to identify problematic tenants in the early stages, it can reduce the likelihood of evictions and other extreme issues later on. Here are a few important things to look out for when it comes to finding red flag tenants before you rent your property to them.

Employment Status

Looking into the employment status of applicants is an important part of screening tenants. Pay attention to potential red flags, such as an insufficient income, gaps in their employment, or currently being unemployed. An applicant that makes insufficient money will likely miss paying their rent on time. 

Sketchy Past

Understanding the past history of your applicants will allow you to most accurately predict their future behaviors. If they have a bad credit score, gaps in employment, prior evictions, poor references, or a criminal record, you may want to reconsider renting your property out to them. 

Incomplete Application

It is incredibly beneficial to ensure that you require every potential tenant to submit an application. This will also allow you to find potential red flags early on, as well. An incomplete application tends to indicate that there is some information that the applicant is trying to obscure. The same thing applies to a potential tenant that lies on their application or refuses to provide you with specific information. 

When you are able to spot red flag tenants in the early stages, you eliminate a substantial amount of problems from occurring. It is crucial to ensure that you thoroughly and effectively screen your applicants prior to renting your property out to them. To learn more about the most common red flags to watch out for, contact us at the Keyrenter in Ft. Lauderdale today!