Move out inspections are incredibly beneficial and are designed to be helpful for both landlords and tenants. It is crucial to perform both move in and move out inspections to protect your investment. In most situations, regular wear and tear is to be expected, but more substantial damage will result in the landlord withholding part or all of the security deposit. Here are a few steps for helping you to properly perform a move out inspection for your property. 

Schedule Time

You should strive to schedule time early on to ensure that both the property manager and tenant can be present at the move out inspection. This can help to enhance communication and ensure that everyone remains on the same page. 

Communicate Clearly

Concise communication is vital during the move out inspection. This will help to ensure that everyone is clear about what will happen regarding the security deposit, repair expenses, and any other issues on the property after the tenant has moved out. 

Obtain a Detailed Inspection Report

One of the biggest mistakes that landlords make during the move out inspection is failing to obtain a detailed inspection report. This inspection report can go a long way toward helping you to provide a detailed list to tenants regarding why part or all of their security deposit was withheld. Without the detailed inspection report, significant issues can arise. 

It is vital for landlords to be aware of the condition of their property. This can help to prevent substantial repair expenses from arising and ensure that the right maintenance is obtained. These services can help to keep the property in the best possible condition, which can improve the property, enhance tenant satisfaction, and minimize the likelihood of vacancies. To obtain more information regarding how to properly perform your move out inspection, contact us at the Keyrenter in Fort Lauderdale today!